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Ex: Au fait, le dernier
film de Jacques Audiard
est une pépite !

Au Fait [ofe] (o-fè)
Locution Adjectivale
Origine: 18e siècle

Composé de Fait (verbe et nom masculin), du
latin Facere : produire, construire, fabriquer,
arranger, représenter, réaliser, composer.

1. À propos.
2. Être au courant.



We look for stories that matter to people, and make them into films they want to see

Eg: Gen Z are so much
more au fait with today's

From French "to the fact". Of the latin Facere:
produce, do, make, construct, fashion, frame,
build, compose.

1. To the point.
2. Experience or practical knowledge of a thing.


Au Fait [o'fe(t)]
Gallicism / Entered in
the 18th century


If you’re a person or a company with a story to tell, we want to hear from you

Teams we've worked with

but also Bank Of America, Freuds, Evian, ITV, Gatwick airport and others

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