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God's Fog A short stylised documentary about the people of the independent but unrecognised republic of Artsakh

Shot during a recce as part of a bigger project in the break away state of Artsakh (also known as Nagorno-Karabakh), between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Louis and Ripsy ended up filming more than they could've imagined.
This precarious country, at war since 1986, proved to be brimming with fascinating and bold characters.

Sadly, all we ever see about this beautiful place in the news, if it even reaches us, are either biased pieces of propaganda from both sides, or the kind of uninsightful news reports which stick to the very little info which is verifiable. We therefore decided to just go there, and see for ourselves what life was like for a people exposed to 30 years of war.

Short stylised documentary, shot in Artsakh in 2018. Currently in post•production. Director & Producer: Ripsime & Louis Giles. Cinematographer: Louis Giles. Editor: Ripsime

Though unable to make a long film from a recce's worth of footage, we decided we had to edit something from it - something different to anything we've seen before about that place, and indeed most places.
Using this limitation as a creative opportunity, we've ended up with something very stylised, and look forward to sharing it with you soon.

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