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Hero Overstory Branded documentary

Hero was a start up seeking 2 things from a video: An explanation of their purpose, and market research. So together with the client we spent most of our time in Pre-Production on this. We designed clear questions whilst building diverse target profiles for the contributors. Once signed off, Louis efficiently cast the lot of them by relying on his own network, and all targets were happily reached.

Working around contributors' everyday availabilities, Louis shot the lot by himself before editing them. After sharing selects and rough transcripts with the client, Louis set about editing the interviews so they flowed seamlessly together.

Director, Producer. Cinematographer E Editor: Louis Giles.

Part of the aim of the video was to show that everyone was united in being concerned by sustainability but not always sure how to meaningfully work towards it (and therefore that Hero could help!). Both of the video's purposes were met, and the client was touched to see people unknown to him naturally confirming their need for his brand's offering.

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