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Tai Chi Mantak Chia, Paris Commercial Campaign for Social Media

This was shot in Normandy, France, as part of a bigger project commissioned to bring Grandmaster Chia's Tai Chi to an online audience.

In Pre-Production we devised that the key was to shoot and edit this in a way which made the consumption of the videos as meditative an experience as possible. Learning a choreography can otherwise get in the way of one's enjoyment of it.

Director, Producer, Cinematographer S Editor: Louis Giles. Sound Design: Greg Joiner.

So despite needing to explain the details from different angles, how they cut together needed to be carefully planned out in order to be as smooth as possible for the viewer.
Armed with a dolly and rails and an assistant, Louis was then able to shoot this within a day. Though we shot the bird's eye angle shots in a different time and place as rigging this had not been possible in the original field!
When the client suddenly asked for a quick turnaround social media advert to sell his seminar in Paris, Louis was able to cut together snippets from hand held slow motion B-roll he'd opportunistically shot whilst reccesing for somewhere particularly outdoorsy and cost effective to shoot the choreography.
Greg then made it even more immersive through careful sound design.

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