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Sweat & Shred Results Wellness Lifestyle Commercial Campaign for Social Media

This was a very rushed and last minute promo for a workout programme, for which there wasn't even enough time for a shot list (which we wouldn't recommend doing...). All we knew was that the client wanted something dark and moody but colourful to appeal to a younger audience.

Louis shot this with Tim, one of our long standing camera operators, within one day. We had to light an entire warehouse gym, and due to time constraints decided to get 2 angles for each sequence as we improvised our way through the day. We got some really great stuff for such a chaotic day, but unfortunately the edit had to be really short for social media!

Shooting Director & Editor: Louis Giles, Camera Operator: Tim Russell, Motion Graphics: Alexis Poles

The client really wanted to do split testing, so we ended up cutting various versions - some with different text they'd written, some with user generated content etc. Unfortunately that took up quite a bit of the post production budget rather than spending it on improving the edit...

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