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The Fire Within Feature Length Documentary

Since a chance encounter with a fascinating character back in 2016 claiming he'd 'cured' himself of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) we have been investigating one of the condition's most debilitating aspects: that it is psychiatrically incurable.

For we cannot unsee what we have seen. Thus people tend to live the rest of their lives treading on eggshells in order to not trigger their traumatic memory. This journey has led us to a community of facilitators, generally former emergency service workers who claim they have cured themselves, and now do so for those still serving.

Commercial shot in London & Paris. Director, Producer. Cinematography & Editing: Louis Giles.

So far we've filmed in the US, Slovakia, and various parts of the UK, meeting some incredible people and learning so much. The pandemic has been a huge barrier to our completion of the project, but we are now finally back on it

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