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Valedictorian Commercial Campaign for Product Launch

How to design a cost effective commercial for a high end watch designed with sustainability at its core? Disrupting an age-old industry is always going to involve some thought. The watch prototypes looked as good as any luxurious watch, but as objects in themselves their noble purpose and the pain that the client went through to achieve their sustainability wasn't clear. So that was a challenge we answered by going against the usual high budget but low informational value watch commercial, and instead trying more honest storytelling.

We profiled its inspiring founder Omar as he shared the story behind his arduous start up journey to make a sustainable watch - motivated by his desire for a legacy to his sons in the form of a hand me down which hadn't harmed the planet. Costs were saved by prioritising making something authentic without coating in superficial flashiness, resulting in a branded documentary.

Commercial shot in London & Rome. Shooting Director & Editor: Louis Giles

Louis followed Omar's life as he intertwined the responsibilities of a father and an entrepreneur, recording stylised but fly on the wall footage so as not to distract the reality of these meaningful everyday moments.
Rotation was the cinematographic tool we chose to unite all the edits - a movement shared by the spinning hands of a watch and that of our planet. Shoots were designed to optimise for very different styles of edits, and we managed to bank enough content to make more as and when they'd be needed for the launch.
But on all of these documentary shoots, we also shot for a more stylised, typical fashion style edit

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